Welcome to ArcStone Casting & Design

We are a full service 3D casting and design studio offering sculpting, mold making, 3D enlargement, digital scanning, 3D modeling, foam carving, resin casting services, character illustration, pediatric dental and medical office themes, trade show props, theater props, retail displays, prototyping, CNC routering, CNC milling, lettering, signage, museum masterpiece replicas, museum exhibits, parade floats, 3-D terrain maps, and more! If you have a project that requires creativity, we are your partner! We have the expertise and experience to create your project, no matter the size! We look forward to talking to you about your project needs!

3D Casting & Design Experts

ArcStone is an innovative company offering custom design, modeling (sculpting), tooling (mold making), and casting services for those working in the three dimensional art and architectural industries. We can design, model, mold, restore, and fabricate any size project, from small SLA 3D prints, to heroics size statuary, to large architectural elements.

We are a cold cast foundry and use that method to fabricate most of our larger closed mold products.  Cold casting is the method of casting products using resins rather than molten metal to achieve your cast product.  Resin casting is much less expensive than lost wax bronze foundry casting.  Cold casting using resin and fillers is also known as bonded marble, bonded bronze, cold-cast marble, cold-cast bronze, bonded stone, poly-stone, polyresin, to name just a few.  Other mediums we use include foam, epoxy, fiberglass, urethane, thermoset resins, GFRP, FRP, GFRG, and GFRC. We can 3D mill your design in the negative or positive and create a fiberglass cast identical to the original in any size.

Multiple Rotational Casting Machines

We specialize in rotational casting, and have multiple large format rotational casting machines which allow us to cast one piece molded parts over 9 feet tall.  We have rotationally cast hundreds of large statues, mascots, and architectural design elements which have been shipped all over the world.  We can receive your maquette, 3D model in STL or OBJ format, image, or your concept on a napkin and turn it into the large scale 3D project you have envisioned.    We can create and cast your project whether it be a school mascot, heroic statue, prop or sign for display, public art project, large nativity set, or simply your own piece of custom art work. If you utilize our design and modeling services, and require bronze for your project, we have an affiliate foundry that we work with to get you the best value.

For those in the business of reproducing prototypes from SLA  prints, we provide the tooling and casting service.  We also utilize pressure and vacuum systems to achive excellent results from your 3D models and prints.  You can see our most recent larger than life sculptural project by visiting www.bignativity.com, where we created 9 larger than life nativity statues which consist of the Holy Family, Shepherds, Wise Men, Sheep, Donkey, and Oxen.