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Pros in Large Format 3D Art Casting and Design Services. We specialize in Casting, Modeling, Sculpting, CNC Enlargements, Mold Making, and Custom Art Fabrication in any Medium. Including Fiberglass, Polystone, Foam, and Bonded Metal. Sustainable products, materials, and coatings.

Our Services

Custom Sculpture and Design

Custom Sculpture and 3D Design Services for Artists, Architectural Firms, Theme Rooms and Environments, Retail Exhibits, Props for Television and Film, Scenery For Theater, Professional Parade Floats, Public Art, School Mascots, and Special Projects.

Casting & Mold Making

Rotational Casting with Multiple Large Format Machines. Closed and Open Mold Casting. Experts in Sophisticated Silicone and Fiberglass Molding. 

3D Scanning and CNC Milling

Sculpture and Product Scanning. CNC Sculpture Armature Creation and Sculpture Enlargement Services. On Site and In House 3D Scanning.

Fiberglass, Foam, Metal

Fiberglass, Foam, Polystone, and Bonded Metal Sculpture. Industrial Coating and Sealant Applications. Props, Displays, Characters, Billboard Art, Public Art.

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What do we do? We make STUFF, really BIG STUFF! 

We take ideas and concepts and turn them into Large 3D Reality! ArcStone Casting & Design is an innovative company offering custom design, modeling, sculpting, tooling, mold making, and casting services for those working in the three dimensional art, architecture, theming, branding, and marketing industries.

We can provide 3D print prototypes as proof of concept for your heroic size statuary, large architectural elements, themed environments, props or brand activations.


We are a cold cast foundry which can produce your product in a wide variety of mediums from Resin, Fiberglass, Polystone, or Foam. Foam and Resin offer economical alternatives to more time consuming  methods such as lost wax bronze casting. We also have an affiliate bronze foundry for those projects where metal is required.

For projects where multiple copies are required, we design the proper tooling or mold. We have multiple large rotational casting machines and can make individual parts up to 9 feet in length. 


Years Established

Completed Projects

Latest Projects

Architectural Panels Utah State Climbing Gym - Logan Utah

These architectural wall panels were created in CAD software and then milled in foam to exact angles to match the existing wall contours. The panels were laminated with fiberglass and finished to a perfect color match to the surrounding decor. Panels are light enough to be installed by two people. 

15 Foot Tall Projection Lighting Sculptures - Amsterdam Netherlands

This sculpture was created digitally by the customer. We took the existing design to create a huge mobile display sculpture. The sculpture pieces nest together for crating and can be assembled by a few people onsite in a matter of hours. The sculpture can then be disassembled and re-crated. 

Thanksgiving Point Luminaria Nativity - Lehi Utah

ArcStone has created hundreds of larger than life nativity sets which are displayed at Christmas time in over 70 countries around the world. Thanksgiving Point Luminaria contracted ArcStone to create one of their Big Nativity Scenes as part of their ongoing Luminaria light show display.

We’ve Been Making STUFF For Over 14 Years

We hire the best artisans, craftsmen, and installers to ensure your project is completed and delivered to the highest standard. Every project has our name on it and we believe our name is everything. We expect the best and deliver the best!

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Let’s Build Something Together

Reach out to us and let us know what you want to build. We love new challenges and opportunities! Lets us be a part of your new Big Idea!

What is the best material for my project?

This will be determined as we explore the requirements for your project. It starts with understanding the form and function of the design. Then the environment and application of the artwork or products. After we consult with you on the project we will determine the most suitable material or combination of materials.

How long will my project take?

That, of course, depends on the scope and sophistication of the project. Some projects can take up to a year between design, approvals, fabrication, delivery, and installation. Some such as a scan and sculpture enlargement can be just weeks. It depends on where we are with current projects as well. We strive to deliver as quickly as we possibly can on each project, however, we will never compromise on quality.

Do you do onsite installation?

Certain projects require us to come out onsite to assess the location. Generally these types of projects are most suited for our team to perform the installation. For free standing art projects installation of course is not required and we ship your product freight allowing your team to unpack and perform setup or installation.

How large does my project need to be for you to take it on?

We generally work in larger format pieces of art and designs. However, if you project requires at least 100 copies and is at least 1 foot in height we can probably help you.  

What is the process to create a 3D piece of artwork?

A 3D file is eventually used at some stage in the process. This can be an STL or OBJ file. If you have something 2D and need us to create it in 3D to a large scale, we create a small 3D version for your approval and send you renderings. If you already have your own 3D file then you simply send it to us and we create it to scale and the detail you require.

Client Testimonials

It was a pleasure working with ArcStone. Great work. Paul had my job finished about a week earlier than scheduled. I would definitely recommend ArcStone.

Dan Snarr

Paul has done an amazing work for us. He fabricated 2 12ft tall skulls that we have used for projection shows. He is very professional and easy to deal with. I highly recommend him as well as his shop.

Bart Kresa

“ArcStone did an outstanding job on the enlargement! This was my first time experience with 3D scanning and enlarging, and I will definitely be back to ArcStone for future projects.

William J. Williams

ArcStone did a beautiful job rendering our company logo into a 3D sculpture. They listened very carefully and delivered exactly what we wanted. They matched the colors, size, and proportions perfectly.

Dave Czarnecki

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