Sculpting, Design, and 3D Modeling in Clay

We have over 20 years experience in sculpting and modeling. We can create sculpture or architectural elements of any size. We have extensive experience in figurative, abstract, the human figure, wild life, and architectural elements. We can design something new for you, or take your design and create the finished artwork or product.
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We can create any type of sculpture, from free standing sculpture in the round such as statues, to bas-relief, high relief plaques or wall hangings, murals, or architectural projects. We can create any size, from small maquettes to heroic size and larger. We are a full service studio which can take your sculpting project from inception to completion.

We are experienced in statue and façade restoration and construction. We have the technology to reinforce, remold, or re-sculpt existing elements and make them stronger and better than the original. While most of these services are provided in our studio, we can perform on-site services as well.