Rotational Casting, Hand Layup, Pressure Casting

At ArcStone we utilize a variety of casting methods; rotational casting, open face casting, closed mold pressure casting, hand layup, and vacuum casting. For very large products we will use rotational casting, open face casting, and hand layup, or a combination of them, depending on the complexity of assembling the product in the casting process. For small casts, such as SLA prints, 3D printing or other small molds we will use closed mold pressure casting, and vacuum casting.
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Rotational Casting Provides the Best Print Surface of the Mold

Rotational casting allows the material to coat every part of the mold surface evenly.  We have been rotational casting large molds, small molds, odd shaped objects, uniform objects, human figures, animals, architectural elements, statues of people, and moldings since 2004.  We know how to design a mold which will be perfect for rotational casting, and we know what part of the object is inclined to create problems.  As mold making is a significant part of the expense of the project, it is imperative that you have your mold constructed the right way from the beginning.  We have had many customers which have spent money elsewhere and receive a mold which is does not produce good results.  We will work with you from start to finish on your project, providing the best mold solution for your rotational casting project.

An ideal casting is one that is true to the mold it comes from. This means minimal shrinkage, distortion, color, minimal air entrapment. Our processes ensure you receive a product that is as close to identical to the original as possible. We have made parts which have very little tolerance for inaccuracies, and they fit like a glove! if you are looking for a solution that is less expensive than bronze but has close to equal results, lets talk! Let us have the opportunity to bid on your casting project. For production purposes, we have 3 rotational casting machines which allow us to fulfill your castings in a timely manner.

Products Created with Rotational Casting

Rotational Casting is a preferred method of casting for large statues, fiberglass displays, fiberglass characters, movie props, odd figures, themes, fiberglass animals, fiberglass human figures, cast stone statuary, bonded marble statues, bonded bronze statues, large logos, signs, and architectural moldings and any large 3D object. Casting materials can vary as much as the products we cast, and the molding procedures. Following are the types of casting mediums which can be used: Fiberglass, Bonded Marble, Resin, Cold Cast Bronze, Urethane, GFRG, GFRC, GRP.