Restoration Services

We have provided many customer with restorative services for the sculpture or architectural projects. Many times a statue, molding, façade, or other project is so badly weathered that it needs restoration to the original product, or a mold needs to be taken from the original, and the product needs to be restored to the original look. We can restore your original project to its original condition.
Venus Statue

Venus Statue

The above statue is an early 1900’s artists rendition of Venus de Milo.  The original statue was made using an old technique of hammered metal in a solid form mold.  The hammered statue was made in sections, then welded together.  The statue suffered a lot of abuse over 100 years, and had a lot of pitting, voids, breaks, and was just simply falling apart.

The designers wanted to keep the original statue, and preserve it’s historical condition.  We removed the statue using a crane, took it to our studio, and constructed an internal armature of steel and fiberglass.  We welded and fixed joints, and performed surface restoration modeling.  We could have created a more beautiful looking statue starting from scratch, but that was not the purpose of the project.

As part of the project, we also molded, and restored a number of garlands, and other elements of the façade on the building.  The project took us about four months to complete.  Installation of the statue required the use of a crane lifting the statue by a removable ring which we built into the steel armature.  The statue was easily set into place using a receiving sleeve which we fabricated and mounted in place prior to setting the statue.

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