We just completed a new fiberglass mascot statue of a Hornet. We took this from a 2D drawing of the customer and created a 3D model for approval. From that we milled our foam model to create our fiberglass mascot. The mascot is reinforced in the back to support the wings, and uses a steel piece of tubing to support the body when it is in the stand. The finish is automotive with clear coat.

Creating a fiberglass statue with an automotive finish requires a great deal of attention during the design, milling an assembly phases. Sanding all the nooks and cranies of a model takes time, but delivers a beautiful finish in the end. The images below show the process of the creation of a 3D model from a 2D illustration or photo. We create a 3D mesh model, we then CNC cut that model out of foam using either EPS or HD foam, depending on the level of detail required. In this case we created a fiberglass form from the routered foam model. The mascot is then painted matching the required Pantone Colors of the customer.