Molding and Tooling

A casting is only as goods the tool that makes it! When it comes to mold making, it is important to understand the product, its contours, its weak areas, and its strong areas. Parting lines and venting are critical when making a tool. Creating a tool that will capture all the detail of the original is a difficult and laborious process, and is generally more expensive than the novice considers. The materials involved and the labor performed is quite extensive. Don't let that scare you away from having us make your mold! Although mold making is expensive, we guarantee to beat any legitimate bid for a mold of equal materials and workmanship.
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We can make any mold or tool of any size or design.  For statuary, detailed architectural products, and pre-cast products, molds are generally made of silicone rubber and fiberglass.  If your product has draft and is not too complicated, a fiberglass mold may be a better choice.  The advantage of silicone is that it can pull every detail of the product.  The advantage of a fiberglass mold is durability. Whether you have a small run of prototypes and 3D printing or SLA prints are too expensive, have us make a mold of your part for your small run.

We have worked with many companies to improve their current mold inventory for pre-cast products. We can also do repair of worn or damaged fiberglass molds. Let us consult with you on your particular design as to which kind of mold is right for our project.  We look forward to putting our excellent mold making skills to work on your project that you may achieve the finest possible part.

Our Mold Making services include: Silicone, Urethane, Latex, Fiberglass, Epoxy, CNC Milled Molds, Waste Molds, Refractory Fiberglass Molds, HDO Panel  Molds, Plaster, Gypsum, and FGR.