Foundation of Learning is a sculpture created to inspire others to improve themselves through reading. Reading is the foundation of learning through which we acquire knowledge and wisdom. Reading is as basic to the human family as the Primary Colors are to the beautiful spectrum of visible light. That is why the sculpture is Red, Blue, and Yellow.
The sculptures foundation is a Red Book. Red represents the empowering effect that knowledge and wisdom has on the individual. The Blue Head represents intelligence available to all mankind. The head is coming of shape, and becomes more detailed as more intelligence is gained through reading and learning. Yellow represents Joy, Intellect, and Happiness. As we learn through reading, acquiring wisdom, knowledge, and more intelligence, we receive Joy and Happiness as we build upon what we learn, becoming self-reliant human beings, and contributors in society for the betterment of mankind.

The sculpture is created using foam and fiberglass. The sculpture is 15′ tall.