Parade Float Character Design, Lettering and Signs

We have extensive experience in designing, creating, and carving 3D foam characters, objects, signs, architectural columns, trees and rocks for parade floats and display. Floats have to look good, be made quickly, and be very light. We use the right technology to make your float features right, and fit your budget!
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Float builders are usually volunteers, and while many have a variety of different artistic abilities, creating large 3D carved characters, columns, signs, or organic elements is not an area they feel comfortable with. We have worked with float builders for years, and we can assist with a broad range of float building services, from creating and carving the 3D elements, or cutting out your foam letters. We use the latest technology, including 3D scanning, and 3D CNC carving to build your 3D character or object in foam. We can design and create your 3D model in any size!

We can also provide you with all the lettering that is needed for your float. We use Gator Foam to create tough, crisp letters that look fantastic on your parade float. Our lettering service is guaranteed to be cheaper than anyone else out there!

We can carve your 3D object out of any density of foam required by your project. We usually use bead foam or EPS foam in varying densities to achieve the look you want. We can carve out the form with a rough cut, which is most economical. You can then sand and do the finish carving yourself. We have a variety of hard coating options, from epoxies, urethanes, or just cheap “magic muds” which will get the job done on a tight budget.