Custom Foam Shooting Targets

We had a lot of fun making these custom shooting targets for a customer. We tested which foam and coating worked best for the ballistics tests and went with it. The Shark and Gator were enlarged from a 3D model and milled out of foam. The foam targets were then hard coated and painted. Blood packs were inserted inside the targets for that additional gross effect. Custom foam shooting targets can be made of any animal, or object, and any size. They can be made for archery, gun, rifle, or pistol.

Foam-Shark-Target Painted Foam-Shark-Target Gator-Target Shark-and-Gator

Making a Custom Foam Shooting Target

Custom Foam Shooting Targets are made starting with a 3D design either sculpted in clay, or designed on the computer. We can also use a 3D design or model which you already have. We determine the size that you need the target, and enlarge the sculpture digitally to that size. We can send you a rendering for your approval. We then program the cutting of the model and CNC cut the sculpture to the tolerances required. Once the sculpture is cut, we perform the necessary hand finish work and insert the blood packs. The sculpture is then hard coated and possibly reinforced with fiberglass in any fragile areas. The target is then sanded, primed, and painted. This process gives you a one of a kind target. These types of targets are used as a one time use item generally for a promotional event or video. Created a target that can be re-used requires making a mold and casting the target with the appropriate foam. This is a service we can also provide.

Read more about how the custom foam shooting targets can be used Article in Recoil Magazine. Image below from Recoil Magazine article.