3D CNC Foam Sculpture Enlargement for Statues, Mascots, Architectural, Molds or Tools, and 3D Foam Props

It is important to achieve complete accuracy and stay within tolerances, no matter your project. Rapid and accurate CNC foam enlargement of your sculpture, mascot, 3D foam display prop, architectural model, float display character, or mold is critical to saving time and money. We can enlarge your sculpture or armature in foam to complete accuracy in a fraction of the time it would take to build it, and it would be identical to the original, just bigger!
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Our CNC computers, software, and machinery are state of the art.  We can enlarge your sculpture or statue in foam to precision using your 3D digital model, or we can scan or create your sculpture for you.  Enlarged and cut 3D foam models and 3D foam props can be covered with a hard coat of urethane or epoxy, making the foam incredibly strong for theming purposes, or the 3D model can be rough cut to supply the artist with an armature from which the sculptor will apply a thin layer of clay. The cnc milled foam sculpture can be carved and modified by the sculptor if any changes need to be made before applying a hard coat or clay. You can ship us your maquette, we can scan it, enlarge it, and ship the final enlarged product back to you along with your maquette.  Or we can do the final clay work, molding and casting.

Foam Sculpture Enlargement of your Statue or School Mascot

If you are looking for a custom school mascot, we can create the clay model for your approval, enlarge it, and cast it.  We can make it look like bronze, cast stone, or paint it to be life like, or stylized.  School Mascots can be cast out of a variety of materials including fiberglass, epoxy, bonded marble, light weight EPS foam, or HD urethane foam. We can talk to you about the best option for your budget. We can make your custom school mascot any size!

Contact us today about our 3D foam sculpture enlargement services, or our 3D foam prop services. We guarantee to beat any other competing companies price for sculpture enlargement. We will be happy to talk to you about your project and provide you a free no obligation estimate.