Paul Quilter was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. He studied sculpture under his father Karl Quilter. Being the son of a very accomplished sculptor, Paul grew up watching, assisting, and learning from his father on a variety of sculpting projects.

Seeing his father struggle to raise a family as an artist, Paul decided in High School that art was not a career path which he wanted to pursue, even with his love for art, and despite much persuasion from art teachers, friends and family. He decided he wanted to pursue a steady paycheck in business.

Paul was brought up in a Christian home and is committed to his faith. After High School, he served a mission in the Andes Mountains, and the City of Lima Peru for two years. This experience helped him look outside of himself, and tremendously increased his faith in God.

Upon returning from Peru, Paul studied at the University of Utah where he received a B.S. in Economics, and a B.A. in Spanish. Paul put himself through school by working winters as a ski instructor in Park City, Utah. Paul continued to sculpt on his own projects and occasionally with his father.

After college, Paul worked for a few firms in the hi-tech software industry working in sales, marketing, and management. He was very successful in his field and enjoyed the associations he made, however he figured out that his desire for art outweighed his desire for a steady paycheck.

In 2001 Paul decided to quit his job in the computer software industry and pursue his true ambition as an artist and creator. That year he landed a large restoration project and created his company ArcStone LLC. (ArcStone Casting & Design).

In 2004 Paul worked with his father on a heroic size nativity sculpting job for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ever since then Paul has been creating heroic size nativities which are on display all over the world. Paul works primarily in clay but uses many modern methods to achieve the best possible product for his clients. Paul has worked on private and public commissions, and casts a lot of artwork for other artists.

Paul has built his company to not only include sculpting and casting services, but they also provide 3-D scanning services, sculpture enlargement, CNC carving, and they have developed proprietary rotational casting processes. Paul is fortunate to employ a number of gifted artisans which assist him on projects.

While work is important to Paul, his most important work is accomplished within the walls of his own home with his sweet beautiful wife and four wonderful children.