We just completed and installed the architectural climbing wall panels for the new Utah State Aggie Recreation Center. The panels were designed to tie in the outdoor theme of the Walltopia indoor climbing wall, the topo lines on the walls, and the crisp triangular lines seen throughout the recreation center. The panels are made of an epoxy laminate fiberglass, FRP or FGRP with a 2lb eps foam core. The panels are very light due to the CNC milled foam structure, yet very strong and durable with the epoxy fiberglass formed surface. The surface texture application was designed to closely resemble the Walltopia indoor climbing panel surface. The rust and grey colors are used in various areas of the recreation center.

The panels are roughly 12′ x 12′ in size. They range from about a foot in thickness down to a very thin edge where they meet the wall. This same cnc milled laminate panel process can be used to create your own custom climbing wall to fit into any space. We can design the walls and over hangs to match your room perfectly. The climbing wall can be designed to be permanent or removable, for indoor or outdoor use. Below is a view of the panels durig installation. The panels were fabricated in whole sections in the shop and mounted in place. Wallpaper was then trimmed up to the profile of the panel sections.